2022 NAYCC Tournament Rules

2022-08-08 By NAYCC
  1. Game time: morning session starts at 10am; afternoon session starts at 3pm. If you come in late, after 30 minutes, you are forfeited. Players who finish late have 45 minutes. 

  2. Ask the arbiter: please don’t discuss any issues with your opponent during the game. Raise your hands if you have ANY questions, the arbiter will help you resolve the problem. 

  3. After the game, raise your hand and wait for the Arbiter to arrive to record the result.  Sign both your and your opponent scoresheet next to the marked result.  please make sure you reset your board after the game is completed and before you head out. 

  4. Exit right away: a player needs to exit the playing hall right away after the board is reset. 

  5. No return rule: a player can’t return to the playing hall once you exit. You can only return after a bathroom visit during the game. 

  6. Spectators rule: only active players and tournament staff are allowed in the playing hall. No parents allowed in the room and players should exit immediately after they reset the board. 

  7. The NAYCC 2022 will be played in accordance with the international (FIDE) rules of chess.  Those rules are available at: https://handbook.fide.com/chapter/E012018

  8. Both players must record all their game moves on the scoresheet as neatly as reasonable.  It is not permitted to intentionally skip recording moves or stop altogether.  If you lost track of the moves you need to quietly ask your opponent for their scoresheet on your time.

  9. Touch move:  If you touch a piece you must move it.  If you move a piece and let go of it you can’t take it back.  If you touch your opponent’s piece and it is possible to capture it you must do so.  If you need to adjust a piece say: J’adoube, or I adjust.

  10. Bathroom rule: players can only use the designated bathrooms.  Volunteers will provide directions to the bathroom.  Parents can only use the parent designated bathroom located in the hotel lobby.

  11. Electronics rule: to be fair to you and other players, following electronic device rules should be strictly followed: 

  • Players should not bring into the playing hall any electronic devices with only exceptions of medical devices, watch without internet or game playing ability, or other devices approved by the Chief Arbiter.  

  • It is recommended to not bring a cell phone. Should you choose to bring in cell phones, it is at your own risk as the tournament staff are unable to watch over your phone. 

  • Your phone must be turned off and placed face down inside the ziploc bag (provided at the information desk) on your side of the table. You can’t access your phone until the completion of the game. If you need to make an emergency call during the game, raise your hands and the arbiter may permit the use. 

  • If a communication device is found on you (even if it makes no sound) your game will be lost.

  1. In case of emergency: if a fire alarm sounds, keep calm and the arbiters will lead you to Muster Point. The Muster Point is located outside the hotel lobby.


Rule of thumb: if you have any questions during the game, raise your hands and wait for an arbiter to help you! 

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