Presentation from CFC Youth Coordinator Christina

2022-08-09 By NAYCC

Tomorrow we will have a presentation by CFC Youth Coordinator Christina Tao at 10 am in the Skittles room (Canadian Room).

Below is her message about the upcoming presentation:

I will do the presentation after the start of round 5.

Topic including

  1. Introduction of Chess Federation of Canada
  2. Introduction of Youth coordinator, my role and what I can help to promote chess in youth development.
  3. What kind of international tournaments that CFC will send TEAMs.
  4. Where to find all CFC rated and international tournaments across Canada.
  5. For international tournament, what is the selection process. How can my child qualified?
  6. Some common misunderstanding of the official player selection after CYCC.
  7. How to properly read international tournament regulations file.

These are the topics I prepared for the presentation.


Christina Tao

CFC Youth Coordinator
Published at 2022-08-11 07:55:04 by GG W


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