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2022-08-07 By GW

Dear participants of the 2022 North American Youth Chess Championship,

My name is Vlad Rekhson and I am the hear Arbiter of the event.  We all are looking forward to welcoming you to our competition which will start this coming Wednesday!

I will write a longer email with rules, regulations and more information tomorrow evening, but for now there are a few things that I wanted to make sure to include:

1) For all participants in the U12 sections and below we ask that the children are being supervised by adults at all time when they are not participating in the competition (before and after their games). This means that children should not be left unsupervised in the skittles rooms, or hotel hallways.  We set up a special program for those children that will run like a camp.  If you did not see it we have more information on it at:  Link The fees for the camp are $100 for the entire tournament or $40 per day.  The children can be dropped off as early as 8:30 am and picked up as late as 5:30 pm.  Please note that if children 12 and under will be left unsupervised at the hotel we will include them in the program and charge the $40 daily fee.

2) For participants who are coming from outside of Canada you can show a special document from border security that indicates that you are visiting a chess tournament. (the document is at NAYCC-pdf)  Please note that you must complete the "Arrivecan" app before your arrival to speed up the process of border security, especially if you are connecting through another flight after arriving in Canada (The Toronto Pearson airport is especially slow nowadays so expect delays).

3)  If you have not seen it yet you may check the current list of registered players at: Link If there are any mistakes please let me know as soon as possible.  For players who want to play up a section (for example a player who is registered for under 14 girls and wants to play in under 16 girls) there is currently a $25 fee.  On the other hand, if there was a mistake in entry (such as a boy who was entered in the girls section, or a 15 year old entered into the under 8 section) there is no extra fee that needs to be paid.  Please let me know of mistakes as soon as possible.  The current FIDE ratings (as of August 1st) will be used for pairing purposes.  

As I mentioned earlier, a more detailed rules email will be coming your way tomorrow evening; it will include the description of tournament procedures as well as information on where games will take place in the hotel.


Vlad Rekhson

2022 NAYCC

Organizing Committee

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