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Nine-round youth chess tournament with IM\WIM title, IM\WIM norms, FM\WFM\CM\WCM FIDE titles available. FIDE and CFC rated. To determine North American youth champions in age and gender groups U18, U16, U14, U12, U10, U08, U18F, U16F, U14F, U12F, U10F, U08F.


Aug 9, Player arrival/ event set up

Aug 10, Opening Ceremony 9 am, Rounds 1-2 (10 am, 3 pm) Bughouse (7 pm)

Aug 11, Rounds 3-4, (10 am, 3 pm)

Aug 12, Rounds 5-6, (10 am, 3 pm)

Aug 13, Rounds 7-8, (10 am, 3 pm)

Aug 14, Round 9 (10 am) Closing ceremony (3 pm) Blitz (5 pm).

*Players who finish their games late are guaranteed a 45 minute break between games.


90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move 1.


$180 before 10 pm, June 15, 2022

$215 from 10 pm, June 15, 2022 to 10 pm, July 31, 2022

Registration will be closed at 10 pm on July 31, 2022

$25 fee for section change after July 31st.

Please check NAYCC - NAYCC FAQ ( for refund policy. 

Under 8 years old, under 10, under 12, under 14, under 16, and under 18. Open and Girls sections. Please carry proof of birth-date.
Sections with less than 10 players may be combined at Tournament Director’s discretion. We allow players to play up but they must indicate which section they are playing when they register.
Under 8: born after Jan 1, 2014
Under 10: born after Jan 1, 2012
Under 12: born after Jan 1, 2010
Under 14: born after Jan 1, 2008
Under 16: born after Jan 1, 2006
Under 18: born after Jan 1, 2004


Canadian players must have a valid CFC membership, it is $28 for Albertans, and the fees are different for other provinces.
Please refer to the CFC membership website for fees and renewal procedure:
Members of the Quebec Chess Federation also require a valid FQE membership (no CFC membership required)


Trophies for top 5 players in each section U8-U12 and top 3 players in U14-U18


U18: Gold (1st on tiebreaks) = IM/WIM title; Silver & Bronze = FM/WFM title, plus IM/WIM norm if tied for first

U16: Gold (1st on tiebreaks) = IM/WIM Norm; Silver & Bronze = CM/WCM title, or FM/WFM title if tied for first

U8 & U10: Gold, Silver & Bronze (on tiebreaks) = CM/WCM title
U14 & U12: Gold (1st on tiebreaks) = FM/WFM title; Silver & Bronze = CM/WCM title

Note: All new titles are subject to approval by FIDE

          30 minutes.

FIDE rating used.  For those that don’t have a FIDE rating, national regular rating used.

Please check your FIDE ratings at


1) Direct encounter (head-to-head) 2) Median Buchholz 2 (Modified median) 3) Sonneborn-Berger 4) The greater number of wins 5) The younger birth date 6) Coin flip (administered by Chief Arbiter)

Same entry fee as regular participants pay on the website for the registration fee.
Date to submit request by: July 10th. Must register through us for the hotel by July 10th.
For hotel registration submit your desired dates of stay, type of room (single King, or double queen) and full legal name.
Aug 9-14 hotel is covered by the organizing committee and includes free breakfast.
Official representatives can get a rate of $89 plus tax if they stay Aug 8-9 and/or Aug 14-16.

All participants must have a FIDE ID.  To check if you have one please visit: and type the name of the player. 
For Canadian players, you can create an ID for free (assuming you have a valid CFC membership) by visiting:

No half-points byes, only zero-point byes.

The Appeals Committee shall be formed prior to the start of the first round. Any appeals must be submitted in writing within one (1) hour of the completion of the round, and shall be accompanied by a deposit of $100. If the appeal is successful the deposit shall be returned.

If you have any quesitons, please check NAYCC FAQ at link

Wed, Aug 10 - 14, 2022

Sean Wu

Sheraton Cavalier Hotel
2620 32 Ave NE, Alberta


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